Chattanooga Fishing Reports

Your Chattanooga Guided Fishing Experience

Fishing is a fun and exciting way to bond with your family and friends. And if you're planning a fishing trip to the Tennessee River, it's always good to know what kind of fish you can expect to catch, where the hotspots are, and what bait works best. That's why our Chattanooga fishing reports are an essential resource for any angler.

We get these questions a lot, How is the fishing on the Tennessee River? What is the best bait for fishing in Tennessee? What are fish biting on lake Chickamauga? What is the best bait for river fishing? The good news is that generally speaking there is always something biting on the Tennessee River. The fishing is fairly consistent through out the year. We use a few different methods when it comes to fishing the Tennessee River and Lake Chickamauga, we find success using methods ranging from from using live bait such as minnows to lures and rigs such as the Alabama Rig. Lake Chickamauga is one of our favorite places to fish, the fishing in this body of water is second to none, there is always something biting when it comes to fishing Chickamauga Lake.

The best part is that in any of the bodies of water we fish on the Tennessee River like Chickamauga, there is always something biting. While Smallmouth Bass are best fished for in the cooler months from October through April, Largemouth Bass fishing is best done in the warmer months from May to September. In addition to Smallmouth Bass, the cooler months also provide excellent opportunities to catch Walleye as well. Walleye can be fished for using a few different techniques, as a result we offer trips that target these fish by trolling or by casting and jigging. The Tennesse River and Lake Chickamauga are also famous for their Catfish populations so we offer a trip just for that! We know that there are a lot of resources when it comes to planning your Chattanooga fishing trip so we are delighted that you found our information and insights helpful. It is incredibly important to us here at Southern Outdoor Sportsmen that we share our knowledge of fishing in the Chattanooga area because at the end of the day, it is our great passion! We cant wait to fish with you!

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